First impressions count – get your property ready for viewings

Are you thinking of selling or letting your property? Or has your property been on the market for a while attracting little interest?

One of the most important things for potential buyers or tenants is the first-impression your property leaves. This begins with the curb appeal and continues throughout their tour of your property. It is difficult to change a first-impression so you want to do all you can make sure your property leaves a positive image in viewers’ minds.

If potential buyers or tenants see clutter, spaces in need of some love and repair or a garden in need of some attention this can automatically make them skeptical about wanting to buy or rent your property.

Here is our advice on how to make each section of your property leave that perfect first impression:

Front of house
Having a neat and tidy front garden and porch will help to transform the exterior look and feel of your property.

Remember this is the first part of your property a potential buyer or tenant will see, it sets the scene for the standard of decor they will see inside.

The front door is the centrepiece of your property, make sure it is a tasteful colour and try adding some potted plants and an outside light to give the space a welcoming feel.

The entrance hall
This space creates the first and last internal impression of the property, so make sure it is as open and clutter free and possible.

Large bulky items will make this space seem small and enclosed especially if coming in from a bright sunny day.

It is important that your property is lit effectively.

The wrong lighting can make your property seem dark and drab, whereas a blend of natural and artificial light can open up a room and show it off to its full potential.

The colour of your home is a very personal thing. If you are planning on selling your property, potential buyers will be looking at your property with the idea to customise it to their own tastes.

You want to make sure each room compliments the overall feel of the property, a neutral colour palette throughout will give the property a blank canvass and allow potential buyers to visualise how they would design each room.

Kitchen, Bedroom(s) and Bathroom(s)
These are two very important areas for buyers and tenants. It is important to make sure that they are clean and tidy with no lingering odours.

Quick fixes to these areas could be to update taps, mirrors and lighting, these little alterations will lift a slightly worn room.

These areas can be costly areas to repair and do-up when preparing your property for viewings. At INEX Property Solutions, we can help with minor to major repair works to help make these areas add rather than subtract value from your property.

Back garden
This is an extension to the interior space of the property and if presented properly can be a key selling feature. Ensure these areas are in a usable and accessible. The lawn should be mowed and any flower beds weeded and tided.

If needed, consider purchasing some inexpensive garden furniture, potted or bedding plants or some outside lighting to show this space off to its full potential.

How can INEX Property Solutions help you?
At INEX we specialise in property maintenance and refurbishments both large and small. If you need help to get your property ready to make a great first impression then contact us today for a free no-obligation quote or to discuss how we can help you add value to your property. Call 0800 074 7172 or email info@inexpropertysolutions.co.uk and one of our experts will be in touch with you.

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